Scrap-Along Felix Blanket: Introduction

I’ve been so energized and excited by the enthusiasm my c2c herringbone scrap blanket (Felix Blanket) has received so far – THANK YOU. I am finding myself with zero patience to finish the entire blanket before I release the pattern.

My thought is that since this is a scrap blanket and since for many of us, going yarn shopping looks very different right now, it would be fun to all stay home and work on a scrap project together! There is no need to order yarn or do anything special to prepare for this project. Just grab whatever you have in your stash and get to work.

If you love this idea, here are a few more details:
EDIT: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (the final part) are all available now! I also have a post with tips and techniques, including videos.

  1. This will be really informal and somewhat of a fluid process which, I think is fitting for a scrap blanket. I don’t want to disappoint anyone and need to admit that upfront! My blanket is almost finished – I’m not sure if releasing the pattern early is a great idea or a terrible one, I’m hoping it’ll be great. I cannot definitively say when each portion of the pattern will be finished. I can say, however, that all portions of the pattern are almost ready and will be available reasonably soon.
  2. A little more about the blanket – it is fairly customizable. You will have some freedom to adjust the size to fit your needs. The colors are totally up to you! It would definitely look sharp with a repeating arrangement, but I think it totally works well with any and all random arrangements.
  3. It is worked using c2c (corner to corner) and each block of color is worked completely before you change to the next color. There is no carrying yarn, no bobbins and no stitching pieces together.
  4. If you’d rather have the pattern after it’s all finished or if you are finding this post after this experience has passed, I’ll make a post for the entire thing after I’m finished with my blanket and all the parts of the pattern are posted.
  5. As I’ve been working on my blanket, it is coming together in sections and that is how I’ve been writing the pattern – the right side, the middle and the left side. I anticipate there will be 3 parts with a week or two between each part. Bearing in mind what I said earlier, that could change a little.
  6. I will release the first part of the pattern on Wednesday the 3rd of June at 8:00 AM PST. This will hopefully give everyone a chance to sort through their scrap yarn and allow anyone who is not familiar with c2c to have an opportunity to review some tutorials and practice a swatch. It really is an easy stitch.
  7. I started a Facebook group and would LOVE for you to join. My vision is that we will be able to post progress pictures for everyone to enjoy, if anyone has questions, they could be answered there, we could keep each other accountable for weaving in our tails and connect over this project. Also, I will post there letting you all know when the next portion of the pattern is live – you can also subscribe to my blog or follow me on Facebook or Instagram for those updates if you prefer. I encourage you to join the group though if it sounds appealing to you!
  8. EDIT: I’ve also started a ravelry group! SheMakesCrochet Designs is another place to connect, ask questions and share pictures. We’d love to see you over there!


That’s it! Have fun digging through your stash. See you in the Facebook group; I’m excited to see what everyone makes.

You are free to share your finished work, to include selling your finished products, but please credit me – SheMakesCrochet – as the pattern designer. Please do not distribute this pattern or any portion of it, instead direct people to my blog. THANK YOU!