Rag Doll

Has it really been three months since my last rag doll pattern!? It doesn’t feel that long because I’ve had these on my mind quite often. I have so many ideas and I still haven’t forgotten all of your wonderful suggestions for future animals. Once I get an idea in my mind though, I have… Continue reading Rag Doll

Geometric Squared Pouch

I’ll admit right now that naming my patterns is not my strong suit. The name for this piece came to be because I was inspired by my Geometric Zip Pouch. I love that this design echos my other bag, but this time, the triangles “square” up to each other – hence my very original name.… Continue reading Geometric Squared Pouch

Never Miss a Design

I love to make pretty things, especially items for the home and stuffed toys. I love color, patterns and texture. My absolute favorite part of any project is always the beginning, creative process – the vision. Over the years, I have found myself altering patterns to make them uniquely my own and designing items or specific elements of various projects. Which brings me to now, when I realized the next step for me is to create my own designs to share. I’m so excited to experience this creative process with all of you.

I’m Sheila. I live in Oregon with my husband, our two energetic, little boys and our two energetic, little dogs.